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GoldenMail Dec 16 2016
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Dear GoldenMail friends,

We are approaching the end of an eventful year. Say what you want to say, I’m sure it has been an emotional year for all of us. No matter where in the world you are right now I think there is something in the air. Do me a favor and focus on the lessons we learned, the GOLD, and be thankful. Without challenges there is no progress.

One of my favorite quotes this year is “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it” – Helen Keller.

After returning to Sweden, where I grew up, I’ve taken a lot of time to read, meditate, reflect and reconnect with myself, friends and family. After going pretty much non stop in NYC for a decade I felt the need to push pause and breathe.
Doing this has been one of the most challenging tasks I’ve ever encountered. It’s much easier to keep going and pretend everything is fine and dandy. At the same time this has also felt like an incredible luxury to be able to take time off. I am so thankful for this opportunity and for amazing friends and family.

Got some new projects coming up next year so stay chuuned! Will visit NYC & Jamaica in Feb/March – inquiries/bookings: info@hannaherbertson.com

THANK YOU all for coming to my classes and parties, smiling, showing support in real life as well as online. Some of you I do not meet that often but I appreciate ALL of you and I wish you a golden holiday, end of 2016 a magnificent 2017!

Nuff love,



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Xmas workshop tomorrow Dec 17 @ New York Dance in Lund at 19.00. Sign up: info@newyorkdance.se
Will teach at Dansverkstan in Västerås this spring, start date January 18, 2017


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Had the honor to be interviewed by PVP, one of the dopest Dancehall dancers in NY and now podcast host. He grilled me about my past, present and future.
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In 2011 me and Cindy Claes started working on a sit(dance)com we call “Mi A Go Foreign”. Cindy came back to NYC summer of 2015 and we recorded an episode we call “Forever Young”.
Check it out: http://bit.ly/foreveryoung_
Featuring I-Octane‘s tune “One Life”
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