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This is a sample collection of content I have created for clients, case prototype videos and a project plan presentation I have made this past year in school studying Digital Strategy & Marketing. Also added information about a couple of cases I have worked on during my internships in Stockholm and Lagos.

Why marketing?

“I am passionate about building bridges, can be bridges between two people, different cultures or companies and their desired customers. Finding out what makes people tick and why is what drives me in my work within digital marketing.

I am a so-called generalist with expertise and experience of working in intercultural environments. I myself is a South Korean adoptee that grew up in Sweden and ended up living in New York for a decade. With my professional background as a world-renowned choreographer and DJ, I know I’ll provide a multifaceted point of view to every project I take on.

I see myself working with companies that have the following values ingrained in their DNA [or at least actively strive to uphold] diversity, empathy, transparency, equality and a global mindset.”

This quote by Steve Babcock [former Chief Creative Officer of VaynerMedia] sums it up when it comes to how I feel about using data in combination with being creative in the marketing sphere:

“CREATIVE without data is just ART. But data without CREATIVE is NEGLECT.”

Recent projects in Lagos, Nigeria:

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TRUECALLER – the focus was to become an expert in the services the app provides and how their ad space can be marketed to companies in the Sub-Saharan countries. I analyze and reported the campaign results and made recommendations to the clients how to improve their results. Also redesigned the 2019 deck for SDM Communications.


Lead an ‘Introduction to Design Thinking’ workshop for the lovely Tribute Lifestyle staff in Lagos. Presented a sprint like short-course which lead to several different prototypes for their future social media content.

Music industry work:

Landed a song licensing deal between my clients, Mash Up International (producer/DJ collective), and Vogue Magazine/Conde Nast.
The Dancehall song “Waistline Ting” featuring Jamaican artist Shenseea can now be heard in the dance video shot at the famous dance studio Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.
Published in March 2019.

School Case prototypes [Sweden]:

Final project: Create a digital launch strategy for BABAS Burgers & Bites – Wrap up video

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 2.36.12 am

This is a so-called wrap-up video that was presented during the oral presentation of my final project in school. Wanted to show the audience some visuals to give them a different understanding of how our in-depth research of the key segment had shown us the way for how the digital strategy plan for BABAS Burgers & Bites should be shaped. For this project, we used a method called design thinking.

School Case for Toca Boca

Was given two hours to develop an idea for Toca Boca (kids play app company). Came up with this dance concept, shot and edited a simple prototype video. Click image or HERE to watch.

School Case prototype video for Red Stripe

During the course “Communication within Digital Media” I examined Red Stripe’s current channels and segmentation. Looked back at what they have done in the past in their different markets and made a prototype commercial video with different ideas for campaigns. Click image or HERE to watch.

 Innovation mock case: Strategic Work

A presentation for a mock case we received during the Strategic Work course. Presented a project plan for an innovation-driven project using design thinking and Google sprint. Click image or HERE to view the Prezi presentation.

Internship at Mirum Agency, part of the J. Walter Thompson network:

MS on your terms - Pharmaceutical company Merck

Helped out with research, concept development and media planning for this pharmaceutical company (Merck) campaign creating brand awareness for a MS medicine. The medicine helps patients with multiple sclerosis to live their lives with less focus on the illness and more focus on the things that matter in their lives. Whether it be their family, careers and/or dating lives. The campaign included a website with native type content, three campaign videos with storytelling and SoMe ads. Site: mspadinavillkor.se. The videos are in Swedish. Click image or HERE to watch one of the campaign videos. The campaign was recently nominated in the Swedish Content Awards.

Content for press & social media:

Marketing manager work for Mash Up International.

Marketing manager work for Mash Up International.

Jireel, Lamix and friends at BABAS Burgers.

Swedish artists Jireel, Lamix and friends at BABAS Burgers.

Red Bull Notting Hill Carnival show. Jamaican dancer Dancing Rebel.

Red Bull Notting Hill Carnival show. Jamaican dancer Dancing Rebel.

Food photography #HannaHerbPhotogrphy

Food photography #HannaHerbPhotography